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Training and Networking

Online Youth Ministry Training

One of the most profound ways that we can grow as youth workers is through the continual deepening of our relationships, and through continuing education. Most churches will offer some kind of fund for conferences, books, continuing education; it is usually just a matter of asking. And it doesn’t matter if we are a paid staff member or a volunteer who believes in investing in the lives of our teens, the importance of YOUR personal growth is still critical.

Last night we had “The World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae” which consisted of 4 gallons of ice cream, an entire bottle of chocolate and caramel syrup, three jars of cherries, one jar of nuts, three cans of whipped cream, and 10-15 bananas.  We sat in a row, all 9 of our high school students, and ate from a 10 foot plastic rain gutter! It was delicious! I cannot wait to tell my friend Nate Dame, a youth ministry volunteer and the founder of Called To Youth; that’s the power of networking. It is a relationship with a person on the other side of the country who I have only met through Google Hangouts- yet I cannot wait to tell him about this activity and HOW MUCH FUN IT WAS.


Called To Youth Ministry is offering several new opportunities for you to network with other youth pastors and volunteers dedicated to seeing their youth ministry grow. These groups are limited, we can only take 9 participants per group to be led by a veteran youth pastor/minister. We limit the groups for several reasons, but one of them is to keep them intimate so every person is able to share their own experience and we can all learn from the groups.

I know that in my ministry here in San Diego, these groups have been so very important in sharing my struggles, getting ideas, being encouraged to keep moving forward and I believe they will do the same for you.


Groups offered on Tuesdays at 9am and Thursdays at 7pm Central Standard Time will be Creating a Movement of Student Discipleship. Creating a Movement is designed to help you figure out the nuts and bolts of a plan for deep discipleship. It’s focus is on the long-term impact of youth ministry and strategic planning for the future as we seek to make disciples of Jesus.

The training is a unique online experience for youth pastors, injected with the type of networking that only happens when a group of youth pastors get together to talk and pray about what only youth pastors understand. Register now to get the tools and support you’ve been looking for.

The group offered on Thursdays at 10am Central Standard Time will be from the Priorities series specifically focused on prayer. Without question, the person of Christ was the most influential person to ever walk the earth. Priorities is a new series focused on exploring the foundational principles Jesus lived and taught so you can apply them in your own youth ministry.

The goal is not just to “teach” these topics to students. You will be equipped with tons of practical ideas that will help them take ownership of these principles in their own lives so they can reflect the life of Christ.

Now What?

You can sign up with me right now. Any time before May 2 and you will get a $10 discount just for being an early bird. And you know what they say about the early bird. Get on it, you won’t regret it!

Creating a movement Tuesday at 9am CST sign up: $45 before May 2. Regular price is $55.

Creating a movement Thursday at 7pm CST sign up: $45 before May 2. Regular price is $55.

Priorities: Prayer Thursdays at 10am CST sign up: $35 before May 2. Regular price is $45.


About Called to YM

I am a youth pastor in San Diego at a Church called The Grove. I am also the director of online training at Called To Youth Ministry. I love Jesus and I am totally committed to following him and his calling. I am married to the love of my life Joanna, she is an amazing partner in ministry and a wonderful woman.

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