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Is this a week where you can’t wait for Friday to come?You need to do what it takes to get out of the office and get it done! Or, are you calculating what you need to accomplish so you have an easy Monday? Have you planned your vacation for the season? What job will you have in five years? Where will you retire? How are you preparing for retirement? Oooohhhhh long term…..!!! What are you setting up for your children, or your children’s children? That takes some planning! The question I am leading to is this, what are you doing that will influence your family and society for the next 500 or 1000years? We have been programmed to look at our end of life planning as long term planning. The really visionary people have an inheritance set up for their children. How many people have you met that consider…

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About Called to YM

I am a youth pastor in San Diego at a Church called The Grove. I am also the director of online training at Called To Youth Ministry. I love Jesus and I am totally committed to following him and his calling. I am married to the love of my life Joanna, she is an amazing partner in ministry and a wonderful woman.

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