Lesson Illustration Idea for Youth Ministry | Object Lesson

I saw this on FB on a friend’s page and I really liked it. Nothing too profound, but it is illustrative!

“Tried something fun today. I was teaching a group of high schoolers and junior highers about the Gifts of the Spirit -their purpose, accessing them, operating in them, etc. so I started by explaining that there is a “wireless network” that can be picked up anywhere. no device is needed to access. It is free to subscribe because the annual subscription fee was paid once by someone else a long time ago. there is a one-word password that has never been changed, nor will it ever be (hint: it is the first name of the person who paid the eternal lifetime sub subscription fee). The number of people on this network at the same time, in no way slows down the speed of downloads. The only reason the subscribers often down use is because they choose not to log on – if more subscribers only realized all the benefits of the “KOG network”!