Fun Game High School Ministry!

Last night we played “The Adventures of the Traveling Gnome” at our high school group. We started with a BBQ, then went into worship and the message for the night, and we left about 1 1/2 hours at the end of the night for the game. I wasn’t sure how it would go. I started with the template from The Source 4 YM with their game called “kidnapped gnomes“, but I wasn’t too impressed. So I tried to spice it up a bit by having each of my adult leaders use their iPhones to film each one of the tasks (which are worth certain amounts of points) and then send me their clips so I can edit them this week. Next week we will watch each groups’ video and judge which one is the best 🙂

So here’s the basic idea. We split our group into three teams of 6 (a carload) and gave each team a gnome. They had to name their gnome, someone had to be the voice of the gnome, and the had to give him/her a personality. Then each group had a list of items they needed to film their gnome doing with it’s personality/name/voice. For example:

50 Points Each
Drinking coffee at a coffee shop
Shopping for vegetables at a grocery store
Playing on a swing set
Going to school
Dancing or playing an instrument
Driving a car as if in a speed chase
Trying to get in a store that has a “Closed” sign up

100 Points 
Caught in the act of trying to escape
Eating with chopsticks
Having a conversation with another LO about the experience
Being interviewed by a reporter about his/her adventures so far

200 Points
Asking a stranger for a date
Posing with a community or emergency worker (paramedic, fire dept. personnel, police officer, etc.)
Working behind the counter at a fast food joint
Posing by a house with a “For Sale” sign & saying why they like this house
LO doing a TV commercial for a product

Prizes will be awarded for: 
Blockbuster Award: Most Points
MTV Award: Single funniest scene
Director’s Award: Funniest overall video

Our groups’ video ends with the gnome in Heaven after a deadly car crash resulting in the high speed chase that resulted in being caught breaking into the closed dry cleaners shop while trying to get his dry cleaning from spilling sushi on his clothes while eating with chopsticks after a hard day’s work making a commercial for a dental company… It was a saga.  And the kids loved it.

The cool thing (and the hard part from my perspective), is that the kids are looking forward to seeing their videos next week and seeing who won.

Here is our group video with a little sneak peek…